Introducing Skingredients Gift Sets!

Are you ready for some glorious gift sets from Skingredients to drop? We definitely are. It’s been something that we’re been working on for some time and we’re so happy to be able to share them with you! For the first time, you’ll be able to order the Skingredients gift sets of your nerdie dreams – and we have three to choose from (or you could treat yourself to all three – but we didn’t say that).  

Our Skingredients gift sets are perfectly tailored to the skincare loving hoomans in your life, no matter their skincare concerns or needs! They’re perfect for all hoomans - mums, dads, sisters, brothers, teachers, babysitters, accountants, colleagues – the list is endless. 

Check out the Core 4 Gift Set + COM, available for €140, with a saving of €17.50!  

This set includes the full 00-04 products for the range for your full, essential daily skincare routine! It’s perfect for all hoomans, all ages, all genders, all skin concerns, and all levels of skincare savvy! It’s easy to use, anti-ageing, hydrating, and easy-to-follow! 

Start out with your Cleanse Off Mitt – the 00 in the Skingredients range. This reusable, washable, eco-and-skin-friendly pre-cleansing tool is suitable for all skin – even the most sensitive – even for very mini-hoomans! Simply run it under warm water and swipe it in gentle circles on the surface of the skin to remove makeup, SPF, excess oil, and product, too!   

Next up is step 01 pump out a coin-sized amount of PreProbiotic Cleanse. This is your hydrating, use-as-often-as-you-like gentle cleanser, suitable for removing makeup – even eye makeup. Massage it into wet or dry skin for 60 seconds from the nipples up. PreProbiotic Cleanse contains both pre and probiotics to help nourish your skin’s microbiome, as well as polyhydroxy acid for super gentle exfoliation, suitable for even the most sensitive skin! And P.S., it’s suitable as a sneaky micro-mask, too! Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin for 20 minutes before cleansing away for a nourishing, hydrating skin treat. 

Follow up with your 02, Skin Veg. Skin Veg is your hydrating, illuminating serum and penetrant enhancer. It contains a host of antioxidant veggie extracts, sodium hyaluronate for intense skin hydration, and a patented pro-collagen peptide, too! Skin Veg contains the PHA gluconolactone, which allows all product applied afterwards to penetrate more deeply into the skin, and have skin feeling instantly smoother. Apply from the nipples up, AM and PM, or mix with Skin Protein – and don’t forget to apply right up to your eyes as an eye serum, too!   

Skin Protein is the 03 in the Skingredients Core 4. It’s your hard-working, anti-ageing A, C, and E serum, suitable for use right around your eyes. Skin Protein contains introductory amounts of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, essential for skin health. Vitamin A can help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, control sebum production, limit breakouts, speed healing, and bring down inflammation. Skin Protein also contains a patented pro-collagen peptide. Apply it all the way up to your peepers as an anti-ageing eye cream alternative! It’s not suitable for use if you’re a pregnant hooman due to the introductory levels of vitamin A.  

You can also mix 02 and 03 together as serums which work in perfect harmony. Apply a pump of each and cocktail them together in the palms of your hands before applying to damp skin – a great way to save a little nerdie time.  

In the AM, you can finish your routine by apply 04 in the range – Skingredients Skin Shield! Skin Shield is your lightly moisturising, mineral SPF-protective day cream. It has a lightly, peachy tint, and is perfect as a base for makeup or for use by itself. It prevents photo flashback and is suitable for all hoomans and all skin, for use every day of the year. Tap it into skin in the AM and reapply every two hours in direct sunlight!  

The Core 4 is suitable for use AM and PM for all hoomans – perfect for gifting someone an active, results-driven and easy-to-use skincare routine.  

Skin Veg + Skin Protein Bundle, €75 : The Double-Date 

For the first time, you can grab the spectacular Skingredients serum set, and with a saving of €9, too! This hard-working serum duo is the perfect recipe for dewier, more hydrated skin. Skin Veg and Protein are your hard-working anti-ageing, lightening, brightening skincare serums which work together to provide anti-ageing and hydrating benefits.   

Skin Veg is your penetrant enhancing, hydrating, antioxidant-rich serum, loved by makeup artists and all hoomans alike for leaving skin looking and feely silky-smooth and dewy. It contains sodium hyaluronate, the salt form of sodium hyaluronate for intense hydration. It also contains a patented pro-collagen peptide to smooth and diminish the appearance of fine lines. The PHA in Skin Veg can help the products which follow to sink more effectively into skin, too! It’s crammed with veggies extracts to provide antioxidant protection. 

You can mix your Skin Veg with Skin Protein, too! Skin Protein is your vitamin A, C, and E-rich serum for skin re-education and anti-ageing. It contains the fat form of vitamins A and C which is perfect as an introductory form for all skin. It also contains a patented pro-collagen peptide to work with Skin Veg to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and can help to limit breakouts and speed up healing! 

Skin Veg and Skin Protein are hard-working anti-ageing, lightening, brightening duo. They are a match made in heaven, perfect for hydrating and prepping skin for product penetration, and for feeding skin the vital vitamins and peptides that it needs in one simply duo. You can expect dewy, hydrated, tighter and brighter skin after use. 

PrePro + Fats Set 60 : The Hydration Station 

Grab this soothing and hydrating duo to nurture balance and soothe dry, dehydrated, annoyed or itchy skin, saving you €7! 

Pairing PreProbiotic Cleanse, 01 of our Core 4 range, and Skin Good Fats of the Skingredients Mix + Match range just makes sense! These two hydrating, nourishing, and gentle products are the perfect daily antidote to skin which needs a little soothing and hydrating. They’re perfect for skin which might feel sensitive, reaction, or a little irritated, too.   

PreProbiotic Cleanse is your daily hydrating cleanser, suitable for all hoomans® to use as often as they like. It’s formulated with a pre and probiotic complex to nourish skin, as well as being gentle enough to be used as an effective makeup remover – even for eye makeup!   

PreProbiotic Cleanse contains polyhydroxy acid, which is an extremely gentle form of exfoliating acid, perfect for hoomans® who find other chemical exfoliation too harsh. You can apply this cream cleanser to dry skin for a more luxurious experience, or wet skin if you are a little more oil prone.   

Skin Good Fats contains the skin-native lipid ceramide NP which can help to repair and nourish your skin’s barrier to keep hydration in, and irritants out. It also contains soothing shea butter glycerides for moisturisation without the comedogenic factor, and itch-erasing emollients to leave skin feeling soothed and cared-for. Apply it up around your eyes to soothe and hydrate this delicate skin, too!  

Here’s a nerdie tip for intense hydration and soothing: mix one pump of PreProbiotic Cleanse with Skin Good Fats and apply in a thin layer over your skin from the nipples up to use it as a luxurious, hydrating mini-mask. Leave it in place for 20 minutes while you listen to a delightful podcast or sip away at a cup of peppermint tea, before cleansing it away with your Cleanse Off Mitt! 

Our gift sets are available to pre-order from and The Skin Nerd Store, and will be available from your local stockist very soon!