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Are you on The Refill Ride? Meet our Value-Saving Refill Tubes!

Did you know our multi-award-winning Skingredients® collection is NOW refillable?



New, simple slot-in refill tubes for EVERY product. Each product in the Skingredients® range now comes in a larger ml size primary refillable bottle (read better €/ML 😉), with up to +50% more formula inside each new pack–meaning you get more product for less money. It really does pay to do better… Once you switch to refills you can save anything between €3-€6 per pack depending on which product you’re buying. 
Before stocking up on refill tubes, it's important that you purchase the refillable primary packs first. These outer packs (your packs for life!) are essential for housing + protecting the replacement refill tubes, and feature the all-important pump + lid, it’s their job to distribute the product and keep the formula safe. Once you finish your primary pack you can switch to the value-saving refill tubes that come with a value saving of up to 11%*. The refill tubes cannot be used without the primary pack and do not work in previous Skingredients packaging.




  1. Unscrew bottle from pump
  2. Unscrew Pump + Collar (Cleansers only) from tube
  3. Replace refill tube
  4. Re-attach bottle to pump + Collar
  5. Recycle empty refill tube, Use, Repeat!

 Drive better results for your skin + the planet!


Nerdie tip: always wash and dry your inner tubes before popping them in your recycling bin. Remember – by putting wet or damp packaging in your recycling bin, it compromises the entire contents!

 *Value saving refill tube vs. primary pack varies between 9%-11% by product.

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