“I’m originally from Spain, and we have this song, it’s the Sana Sana song, and whenever a child falls or you have a cut, you sing the Sana Sana song, and it’s the healing song. And it was when my middle child, he was about three, and he saw my face, and he said, ‘Will I sing you the Sana Sana song so that your skin will feel better mammy, and it wouldn’t be sore?’ SO, I didn’t think they noticed, but they did – and he thought it was as sore as it looked, and as it really was. So now, he doesn’t sing Sana Sana anymore. I only sing Sana Sana, if they fall!” 

“It’s just so different and it’s so fresh, it’s so smooth, it’s juicy, it’s not sore, it’s not red, I don’t wake up and check the mirror – well, I do, I wake up and I look and I go look at it now. Sometimes I do get a bit of redness, my rosacea hasn’t gone away, but my skin is no longer angry. It used to be itchy and sore and I used to put on cream, and maybe three hours later I’d have to put it on again, and with Skingredients it’s just so – you put it on the one time and it stays with you. The results, it’s amazing. I have no words – it's like gold, in a little tub. And it’s just so fresh when you put it on.” 


“I’ve always hated my skin from being a teenager, always had bad skin, had adult acne, as I got older then it just got grey and dull. I always followed Jenn, The Skin Nerd, so when I saw the applications  for Project Love Your Skin, I just thought, brilliant. This is just what I’d love to try because I'm always nervous trying new products, paying for products that I don’t like within a week, and it was a great way to try new products.  

I never went without heavy makeup. I would never leave with house without makeup on. None of my friends would have seen me without makeup on. And that’s really what I wanted – to get my skin to a stage where I could leave the house confident with no makeup.  

It definitely has improved my skin, definitely. My skin is much brighter, much smoother when I use all the products together, and follow the routine, I really notice it and I’m much more confident now to leave the house with no makeup, or with very little makeup on.” 


I’m not one to write an email but I feel I need to because I can’t thank your company enough! For 4 or possibly 5 years I have been suffering with adult acne and it’s the bane of my life.  

I tried a range of different skincare, medication, steroids, and creams – you name it, nothing worked. Back in December I was so down and I made the decision for the New Year to try Roaccutane as my last hope.  

So to help keep my skin as clear as possible until my appointment with a specialist I decided to try your skincare range, to give it a go as I saw it advertised.  

I have never looked back. My skin completely cleared by using your products alone. No medication or diet change. I have cancelled my appointment and now finally have an acne-free life, so thank you. ❤️

I attached a before and after just so you can see the amazing effect your product has had on me and my skin.  

Kind regards,  


I’m just back from a wedding in Spain and three different people complimented me on my skin... it’s never looked so good and I’m 45! Love it!
...hands down, your range is the best I’ve ever used.
Not one bit of dry or dehydrated skin to be seen.
Been using the Core 1+3+4 with the COM since November and absolutely love them
Can’t live without Skin Veg or Skin Protein...
I wear my skin with pride now... My confidence has grown. I spend a bit more time makeup free.
I bought Sally Cleanse for my 2 teenagers recently and the results have been amazing...
I followed the routine and within 28 days I could see an improvement and still improving.
I’ve been using the Core 4 and COM since December 26th and I’ve had nothing but compliments on how great my skin looks
I decided to give the Skingredients Skin Shield a go and holy shit no breakouts!! Also makes my skin feel so lovely and hydrated! Fair fecking play!

I have dry skin and my skin is absolutely GLOWING and soft as a baby's bum!


What can I say only your products have changed my skin! I'm so glad I found The Skin Nerd. 


Absolutely loving Skingredients. I look like a ride since using it!


Love love love the products! 😍😍